On this episode, Ryan sits down with entrepreneur Giordano Carretta to hear how he made it in America after moving from Italy. Tune in to learn principles on How To Be Successful.

On This Episode:

  • Gio talks about what life was like in Italy, and why he decided to come to America.
  • Hear how Gio struggled in America just to put food in his fridge before learning how to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Ryan and Gio discuss lessons from building a home based business.
  • Gio shares lessons that can completely transform your mindset around building your business.
  • Get the keys to learning how to build a successful home based business.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Keep going until you figure it out.
  2. Make your business priority if you really want to make it.
  3. Go all in.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Our dreams are bigger than our problems.”
  • “If I can do it, you can do it.”
  • “I either make my dreams come true, or I die trying.”

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How To Be Successful

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Ryan:         [00:00]You’re listening to episode 26

Giordano: [00:01]Hey, this is Giordano Carretta. I’m an entrepreneur. And if you want to learn how to build a successful home based business, you should be listening to The Home Based Business Podcast with my good friend Ryan Allen Bell.

Ryan:         [00:13]You’ve seen the future, you know where your life is heading, but you know you haven’t taken the right steps to get you there. Welcome to The Home Based Business Podcast, where we believe the only way to future proof your income is to create a plan to build a successful home based business. It’s time to create a life of freedom, security, and impact with your host Ryan Allen Bell.

                   [00:34]Hey, welcome to the show. I’m your host, Ryan Allen Bell. I believe the only way to achieve true freedom is to future proof your income by creating a plan to quit your job and start a home based business. In this podcast, I’ll be diving deep into everything home based business related and interviewing thought leaders in their space who are creating successful home based businesses. So, if you want to learn the new way of business, if you want to develop the mindset and skills to get you from where you are to where you want to go, then you’re in the right place because this is the Home Based Business Podcast.

                   [01:02]Today I’m with Giordano Carretta. Gio was born and raised in Rome, Italy, moved to California in 2012. No degree, no money, no business experience, didn’t know anybody and barely spoke English. His background is a soccer player. In the United States for work he started cleaning floors,was a busboy and a server, and a soccer coach. Within three years he was $30,000 in debt in the United States. He started his home based business in 2015 parttime and within three years was able to quit all his jobs, traveled all over the world, and earned in one month what he used to earn in one year with three jobs combined He got the car of his dreams and now lives fiveminutes from the beach. Today we dive deep into Gio’s story and what it really takes to become a successful entrepreneur building a home basedbusiness.

                   [01:42]Now before we jump to the episode today, if you thought about starting your own home based business, or you’re currently working on a home based business, but haven’t fully figured out how to achieve the level of success you desire, have me and my team help you out. Head over to ryanallenbell.com/workwithme to learn more and we can hop on a quick call to see if we can be a good fit to launch a home based business for you. That way you can achieve the freedom you truly desire in your life. That’s ryanallenbell.com/workwithme.

                   [02:05]Yo, what’s up? Today I’m with my really good friend Gio from Itay. Gio, what’s up, bro? How are you?

Giordano: [02:12]How you doing, brother? It’s a pleasure to be here.

Ryan:         [02:14]Dude, I am amazing. I’m so glad we can knock this out. You’re one of the most successful friends that I have, and so I think this is going to be so cool. We’re going to bring tons of value to the audience today. So yeah, man, I’m glad you’re here, bro.

Giordano: [02:29]Thank you. I’m excited to be here with you.

Ryan:         [02:31]Yep, for sure. All right, let’s dive deep, bro. I really want to go into your story and figure out who was Gio before you became an entrepreneur. So maybe we could go back before you were in America. What was life growing up in Italy, man?

Giordano: [02:48]Yeah, when I was in Italy learning how to be successful, I wasn’t a good student. I didn’t want to go to school. I always wanted to be a professional soccer player. So my whole life I dedicated to soccer, training, training and training. And I almost made it to the professional level, then I got injured and my dream was taken away. So then I got stuck in this situation where I didn’t know what to do anymorebecause I only wanted to be a soccer player. I did not want to go to school, get a degree, and get a job. And that’s actually the reason why I left Italy because I would only want to be a soccer player there.

Ryan:         [03:22]Yeah, for sure. So when you got injured, you just didn’t see a future for yourself anymore in Italy? Or what happened after that?

Giordano: [03:30]Yes while learning how to be successful, I was at that age where in Italy we say, “The train only comes one time for soccer.” To make it in professional soccer is like I would compare it to professional basketball here, NBA, right? You only have acertain age that you can go if they scout you at that age. After that, you’redone. So I got injured for one year, it was going to take me too long to get back to the level where I was, so I had to quit. I had to go do something elsebecause by then I was like 17. It was already too late to make it to the professional level.

Ryan:         [03:59]Yeah how to be successful. No, it’s interesting because you’re already so ambitious as a young kid trying to make it in soccer, and then all of a sudden, your dreams are taken away from you because of an injury. So maybe you could tell us about that. What was it like going through that period where all of a suddenpretty much overnight your dreams are taken away from you? What were you experiencing? What were your emotions? What was going through your thoughts?

Giordano: [04:21]I felt like my life was over because that was the dream that I had since I was four years old and I had been training for like 10 years every day to get to that level. And then I felt like my life was over. I didn’t want to do anything anymore. I didn’t want to go to school. I started being depressed. I failed in school for two years because I just refused. I didn’t accept anything else but my dreams. And it was very frustrating. And I’ve done a lot of mistakes during this time as I was a kid. I was immature. I’ve done a lot of mistakes that I’m not proud of but I also learned a lot during this time about myself.

Ryan:         [04:57]Yeah how to be successful, for sure, bro. So how did you get out of this slump, this depression that you were going through? How did you get out of it?

Giordano: [05:07]Well, I tried to get my life back together and tried to finish school and tried to do life that I was told it was normal, you know, to go to school,finish at least high school. Then my parents forced me to go to university,but I quit after four to five months. It was just not for me. And I just realized that that was not the life for me. I was not born for that. I wanted to live a life where I was going to get paid by doing the things I love. And I didn’twant to trade my time for money. I didn’t want to do a job that I hated just to pay my bills. I wanted to do something that I love. I like to travel, I like to be free, I like to do all the things that I love. And that’s why I came to the United States in 2012. I just left my country, I left my family, my friendsand I just came here by myself with the famous American dream.

Ryan:         [05:57]Yeah, dude, that’s amazing. So you decided to come to the US because you believed that you could find what you wanted here, right?

Giordano: [06:07]Yes, and especially in California because I know Orange County is one of the richest places on the planet. So I knew that if I came here somehow, and I could find people that had the result I wanted, I could eventually live that life or learn how to become that person. So that’s why I came here.

Ryan:         [06:26]Wow, amazing, man. How to be successful. That takes a lot of courage to do something like that. Okay, so when you get to America, did you find success right away? What was your journey like here in America?

Giordano: [06:39]Actually, it wasn’t fun at all because when I came here, I didn’t have a degree. I didn’t know anybody. I didn’t have any money saved because I played soccer all my life. And I barely speak English. So actually, it’s funny because I made some fake resume and I used to pretend that I worked in this place in Italy. And I tried to apply for many jobs, but nobody would hire me. I went to Italian restaurants and I told them I worked in all the best Italian restaurants. And then when I step in the restaurant, they told me Dude, you never stepped in a restaurant in your life, we can tell.” So then nobody hired me. And the only job I found at the beginning was actually an Italian guy who had a restaurant and he told me “Dude, you can really work in the restaurant. We clearly know that you don’t know how to do those things. But hey, you can help us out and just clean the floors and do whatever errands we ask you to do. So I started like that by just cleaning floors at a restaurant. And then eventually, after like a year and a half, I became a busboy, which is not a really good job as you guys know. And then actually I became a server and I started coaching soccer as well. That’s how I started my journey.

Ryan:         [07:51]Yeah how to be successful. What’s funny is you were in Italy, and you didn’t want to work for someone else, you wanted to do what you wanted to love. And you came to America, and you still had to do that type of work for a temporary period of time because that’s all you could find. So what was going through your mind emotionally when you came to America but you still had to work at these bottom jobs? What were you going through at that point?

Giordano: [08:16]Well, for me, the first thing was I needed to find something that allowed me to stay here because I didn’t have any money. So the first thing is I got to eat, I got to pay the rent, right? So then after that, after I find a way to do that, then I can figure out who I really am and what I really want to do, and how I’m going to achieve my goals. But it was way harder than I thought because with that life I couldn’t even pay my bills. So I was struggling and struggling and struggling for like the first three years here.

Ryan:         [08:43]Wow. Bro, I think that’s so amazing that you were literally doing whatever you could just to survive in America. And so, for those first few years, as you’re just cleaning floors, you’re a busboy, you’re a server, you started coaching soccer, what’s your mindset at this point? What are you thinking? Are you looking for opportunity? Or do you believe that something better is going to come your way? What are you thinking during your first few years here in America?

Giordano: [09:12]To be honest in college, a lot of people thought I was crazy because even when I was doing those jobs, I always told everybody, I’m going to become rich, I’m going to be successful, I’m going to achieve all my dreams. I just have a very positive mindset, which I believe is the key because you need to believe you’re going to make it happen somehow in college. I didn’t know how but I just knew that I came here for a reason and that I was not going back until I make my dreams come true. And I think that’s the mindset that you need. You need to be positive. You need to believe in yourself. And you just need to know that you’re going to do it no matter what.

Ryan:         [09:43]Yeah how to be a successful stay at home mom, that’s really the key to success, man. It’s because when you put so much belief in yourself it’s just like God and the universe just figures out how to make that happen for you, to figure out how success can happen for you. So when did things start changing for you, bro? You’re working in the restaurant. You’re coaching soccer on the side. So what happens after this?

Giordano: [10:04]Well what about how to be a successful stay at home mom, the way it happened for me, it’s kind of funny, but I believe it’s kind of the answer to my prayers because I actually met a random girl on Tinder, and I end up [at] a presentation that I didn’t want to be there. And I was introduced to this company and I started this home based business. I didn’t know what I was doing back then. I just bought the product for health reasons and then it turned into my lifechanging opportunity. I would never expect something like that. So it’s kind of funny how it started, but I believe that happened because of the positive mindset that you attract the things that you want in your life by being positive. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Ryan:         [10:44]Yeah, 100%. Man, that is so funny. You’re on Tinder. You meet a girl thinking you’re going to go on a date but no, you end up being brought to a business presentation, and it’s pretty much everything you’ve been looking for, bro. Oh, my gosh, so funny. Okay, so when you get involved or introduced to this business opportunity, do you know right away this Is what you’ve been looking for? What’s going through your mind once you start seeing this business?

Giordano: [11:14]To be honest, at the beginning, I didn’t think someone like me could succeed because obviously, I didn’t have following on social media. I didn’tknow anybody. I didn’t have any experience in anything like that. No degree or anything like that. So I didn’t think someone like me could succeed. But the reason why I actually went all in with this opportunity is because, for the first time, I saw people that were in my same situation, who actually changed their life and they achieved the life that I wanted to live. And you’re actually one of them. And if you remember, like four years ago when I first got introduced to this, I saw you. You were quitting your fulltime joband you told me “Dude, I’m making more money parttime in my home based business than full time at my job. And I’m like, “Wow, I want to be like this guy right here. And I saw some other guys like you and I just got inspired. I’m like, “If I listen to these guys I’m going to do the same.

Ryan:         [12:04]Yeah entrepreneur. Wow, bro, that’s so incredible because it’s just like, sometimes if we’re in situations where we don’t believe in ourselves, we can kind of borrow someone else’s belief because we believe in their success, because we see that they’re succeeding. So it’s like, “Hey, let me borrow your belief in your success for a little bit until I can catch up to you, you know? And that’s exactly what you did. I think that’s so amazing that you’re able to do that, bro. So, okay, when you first started, you didn’t believe in yourself right away but there’s those surrounded by you that were having success, so you were believing in them. So did you start having success right away? What was your journey when you first started?

Giordano: [12:28]No without college, actually, when I first started, I didn’t make any money for my first year. And I was very frustrated because when I started this home basedbusiness my friends thought I was crazy. My family told me that I was insane for starting something like that because it was not secure. And I even quit one of my jobs at the restaurant because I was just so tired of it. And I just quit without being able to supply that income yet. So I had an even harder time for like a year. I had some months where I couldn’t put food in my fridge. I didn’t have money for gas to go to work for my job. My bank account went negative multiple times every month. And I was at a point where I’m like, “This is not going to work. I’m going to quit. And everybody told me like, “Dude, you got to quit this and just get a real job because it is not going to happen. But for me, just the thought about going back to a job and give up on my dreams and accept to live an average life, it was more painful than keep going in this until I make it happen, so I didn’tquit.

Ryan:         [13:54]Yeah, man without college. And I know exactly what that feeling is like, bro. It really is painful. Like if you know working at a job is not for you, you really know it and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to figure out not to live that lifestyle, which is exactly what you did. And what’s interesting is most people would quit that first year of not seeing any money because it’s so challenging. But you kept persevering to make it to the other side because what it sounds like is the pain was so big of staying in a job that you were willing to do literally whatever it took, right?

Giordano: [14:36] Yeah be successful. For me, the way I look at life is I either make my dreams happen or I die trying. Those are my two options. I don’t want to live an average life thinking about “Hey, what would happen if I did that? How my life would be if I did that?” With regret, you know? I’m saying, Hey, I either make my dreams come true or I die trying.” Those are my two options.

Ryan:         [15:01]And be successful do you think you’re in a unique position and mindset also, because you came from Italy as well? Do you think that puts you at an advantage of achieving success compared to others? What’s your mindset behind that?

                    [15:17]This is skills needed exactly the kind of topic that we’re constantly talking about in our Facebook community, The Home Based Business Community. It can be really hard to find a community of like-minded people who are working towards similar goals. If you want to join the conversation there, it’sabsolutely free. So head over to ryanallenbell.com/community and click the “Join” button.

Giordano: [15:37]Actually skills needed, I think the opposite because, in Italy, I don’t know anybody at my age that has achieved the things that I saw you achieving or other people like you here. In Italy, it’s not common at all. Being an entrepreneur on your own, starting a home based business, and earning and living this lifestyle is not common. So that’s why I was one of the most skeptical persons when it got introduced to this because I just didn’t believe someone like me could do it.

Ryan:         [16:04]Yeah in today’s workforce. Wow, man. Okay, so you’re in this thing for a year. You quit your job just because you’re over it, right? You say you quit your job. And you’re like okay, you don’t even have money for food. You don’t have money to pay your bills, your bank account is going negative. So when do you start making money?

Giordano: [16:23]So my second year in today’s workforce, I started making decent money to maybe replace my job that I had before. So in my second year, it started happening very, very little. And then my third year is where I literally quadrupled my income and I went like six figures, quit all the jobs, traveled the world, and all those things that I’ve done. because of this business. So it took me about three years.

Ryan:         [16:49]Okay what does it mean to be successful? Bro, we need to go back a little bit because you just went from zero to 100 so fast with everyone. You’re like, “Yeah, you know, I went from making zero to quadrupling my income and traveling the world” inlike one sentence, bro. So all right, what was the biggest change from going from $0 to making your first few dollars? What changed to learn how to start making money? What would you say was the catalyst?

Giordano: [17:14]For me it was what does it mean to be successful? I started to be coachable. Because me as an athlete, as a coach, I thought I was one of those guys that thought that I could do everything on my own and I don’t need anybody’s help. Because my whole life I had been used to doing things on my own without asking for help. And so the reason why I failed my first year in this business is because I wanted to do everything on my own, without using the support of my team, which that’s how I was taught to do this business. And then when I had that switch, and I realized that I’m in business for myself, but I’m not by myself, because I had a whole team supporting me and helping me every step of the way. And when I started learning from those people and using my team to help me out, that’s when everything started changing for me and I started learning more, too.

Ryan:         [18:05]I think in business this is such a big lesson for you guys listening. You might be in a position right now where you’re trying to do everything yourself and you might feel plateaued or stuck. Embrace a coach. I’m telling you coachability is one of the number one traits to success. And Gio, this is exactly what happened to you is like the second that you pretty much put your own ways down, you’re like, “Hey, let me just become coachable and learn from people that have the results that I want. And let’s just see what happens. And look what happened, man, you started earning money. Okay, so you start earning a few bucks because you became coachable. And so the second year, you said you were able to quit your job in the second year?What happened in the second year?

Giordano: [18:51]Yeah in business, in this second year, I made more money parttime in my home based business than my fulltime job. And then the third year I quit the job. I quit everything.

Ryan:         [19:00]Okay, cool financially. So in that second year, where you start earning more income working parttime than full time at your job, what is changing? Are you just continuing to be coachable? Or is there anything else that happened that allowed you to earn more income than your job?

Giordano: [19:15]Yeah in life, I think the main thing was to make my home based business a priority. And by that, I don’t mean to put more time in my home basedbusiness than my fulltime job because that was not possible, but it’s just to make my business a priority. So I gave up a lot of things. I sacrificed a lot of things temporarily that now I can today do. But a lot of things that I was passionate about like soccer, like going out and going on vacation, all those things, I sacrificed all those things to go allin in my business and I made my business a priority. So even if you work like I worked two hours a day on the business and the rest on my fulltime job, that two hours were the most important hours of my day because that was my way out, the ticket to freedom. So I made my business a priority.

Ryan:         [20:03]Wow, I love that in life. So making your business a priority is aligned with sacrifice because you have to sacrifice things that are not a priority.

Giordano: [20:14]Mmhmm.

Ryan:         [20:16]Wow can you. Okay, so I’m loving this so far, bro because you go from $0 to earning a few bucks by being coachable. And then you go from earning a few bucks to earning more parttime than your fulltime job by making your business a priority even in those two hours that you had to dedicate. So how do you go from making more money parttime than fulltime at your job to being able to quit your job? Does anything else change? Do you add anything else into the mix? What happens here?

Giordano: [20:50]I mean can you, I just went all in. I read all the books, I attended all trainings and I started really making my business come before everything, sometimes even before your families. Just temporarily it was the main thing of my life that I do nonstop until I achieved the result I wanted. And I read all the books, I attended all the trainings, I went to all the seminars. I never missed one. I started even changing my schedule at my other job just to attend webinars, trainings and I just made my business my number one thing in my life.

Ryan:         [21:24]Wow. Yeah, that’s so good because you made it a priority, but you took it a step above to go allin but for a temporary period of your life is what you’re saying so you could get to the next level. And so in your third year, you quit your job and you said you quadrupled your income?

Giordano: [21:43]Yeah.

Ryan:         [21:44]Wow. Okay, so is there anything else that you changed during this period from quitting your job to quadrupling your income? Or are you still doing the same thing which is being coachable, making your priority, and going allin?

Giordano: [21:57]Yeah, no, once you learn, you always want to be in a learning mode. So I kept learning every day, that never stops. So you always learn, learn, learn every single day. I remember I started listening to audiobooks, selfdevelopment, I take courses, I’ve done events, anything that could make me a better person, a better leader. And I think the next step to quadruple your income is to become a leader, to really become a leader and help others do the same. Because the first part is that you’re helping yourself, right? You make the income, you’re successful, you make money. And the next level to really achieve that level of income is that you can’t do that without helping others, without being a leader, without being an example for other people. So I think that the next step is become that person that people look up to, so you can help people achieve the same result. That’s what changed when I quadrupled my income.

Ryan:         [22:48]Yeah, so I literally have a formula here right now to go from zero to quadrupling your income. Number one is be coachable. Number two is make it a priority. Number three is go all in. Number four is go into learning mode. And number five is become a leader. So that’s Gio’s success formula from zero to quadrupling your income right there in five steps.

Giordano: [23:10]I love it though.

Ryan:         [23:11]So amazing, bro. Okay, so you mentioned your lifestyle starts changing once you start quadrupling your income. So maybe you could dive a little bit deeper into that. So what kind of changes started happening in your life?

Giordano: [23:23]Yeah, so for me, before starting this business, I didn’t have any free time. For three years, I was working Monday to Sunday. I only had a halfday off. And as I told you, I accumulated over $30,000 in debt during thatlife. I was frustrated, I was stressed. I couldn’t even go see my family for Christmas because I couldn’t afford the ticket and I had to work at the restaurant back in the days. So it was very frustrating and sad. So once I started changing my lifestyle little by little, quitting my jobs and increasing my income, my life absolutely transformed. I went to Italy, which is my home country, like eight times in 22 months, which is incredible. And in these three years, I’ve been literally all over the world. Multiple times in Vegas. I’ve been twice in Dubai, Hawaii, Romania, Bulgaria, England, Ireland, Spain. I’ve been literally all over the world. And this company has been paying me the same amount of money every month that I was earning in one year with my two jobs combined. So not only I was able to change my life but now I’m able to give back and do things like helping my family,helping my brother, helping my mom when they need [it]. And I think that’sthe best feeling in the world because I was always the one asking for help because I didn’t have any money, I didn’t have anything. And now being able to give back is like the best part of all this.

Ryan:         [24:49]Wow. Man, yeah, that’s incredible because you go through years of your life struggling but knowing that you want more out of life. And then all of a sudden you figure out the steps on how to do it and practically, it seems like overnight, your lifestyle just completely transforms and now you have one of the best lifestyles on planet Earth. For sure I would say top one percent of lifestyles in the world no job, traveling the world, quadrupled your income. It’s amazing, bro. So it’s interesting to see just what a big change could happen in a short amount of time just by pursuing what you believe in, you know? So what’s your future vision from this point forward? You have a successful business, it’s an international business, you’re able to go to Italy, you changed your lifestyle. So let’s say in the next five years, what do you see happening in the next five years? What are your plans for the next five years?

Giordano: [25:54]Yeah, from this point forward, I see myself focusing on [inspiring] as many people as I can to do the same thing that I’ve done because I think I want to give back everything that I’ve learned to the people that are like me, that maybe they want to quit on their dreams because they don’t know how to make them happen. They never had a mentor, someone who taught them how to achieve their dreams. So my goal is simply to inspire as many people as they can all over the world to achieve their dreams.

Ryan:         [26:22]Wow. Yeah, man, I love that. And that’s really what you did for yourself. You inspired yourself to achieve your dreams. And now, might as well give back, right?

Giordano: [26:31]Yeah. That’s the best part.

Ryan:         [26:32]A hundred percent. Yeah, it really is, man. I agree with you. That’seven what Arnold said in one of his six steps to success, he’s like, give back. That’s his last step. So what would you say is like one of the biggest strengths that you’ve had over the years that helped you get to this level of success that you have right now?

Giordano: [26:52]Yeah, one of my biggest strengths is when I decide I want to do something, I don’t quit until I make it happen. I can fail like a million times, but I’m going to get up and keep going until I achieve it. And I think that’sthe mentality that you need if you want to achieve something becauseeventually, you’re going to fail, you’re going to get hurt, you’re going to get frustrated, you’ll want to quit, there’s a moment that you’ll want to quit. But if your dreams are bigger than your problems, then you’re not going to quit. And that’s one of my favorite quotes, “My dreams are bigger than my problems.” I think that’s my biggest strength is to not quit until I make something happen. And as I told you before, I either make it happen, or I die trying. That was my biggest strength.

Ryan:         [27:32]And did you develop that strength in soccer, from playing sports early on? Or where do you think that came from?

Giordano: [27:41] Yeah, I think it came from soccer because when I was a kid, I was always told, Oh, just so you know, nobody makes it into professional level. It’s very hard. You should choose something else. And I was one of those kids that’s like, I’m going to do it. And actually, I did it. I got to that level where one out of 10 million kids make it to the professional level, and I got there. So that taught me a lot in life that it doesn’t matter what people say. If you believe in something, and if you don’t quit on [yourself]– It’s your dream. You should never quit. It doesn’t matter what other people think about you. You just should go for your dreams. And yeah, that came from soccer for me.

Ryan:         [28:19]Wow. I agree with you, man. All right, let’s switch gears a little bit. So I have a belief. My belief is that the only way to achieve true freedom is for us to create a plan to quit our jobs and start a home based business. And so I want to ask you the same question so our audience could really get another perspective on this question. Is it better to create freedom through a job or through a home based business? And so same question for you, Gio.So do you believe that the only way to achieve true freedom is to create a plan to quit your job and start a home based business and why?

Giordano: [28:56]Yeah, I believe it’s the best way and probably the only way to achieve true freedom because I know a lot of people that have a great job, make a lot of money, they live in a nice neighborhood, they have a nice car, but they don’t enjoy those things. They have to go to work every day. And they only enjoy those things [on] the weekends or like two weeks a year when they go on vacation. So you can have all the money and financial freedom as you want but if your money [is] attached to you trading your time for it, it’s not really a true freedom. So for me, the true freedom is being able to wake up every day without an alarm clock. You don’t have to go to work. You don’thave to drive in traffic. You don’t have to ask for permission to go on vacation. And even if you go on vacation for a month, you’re going to earn money. So I remember one of my favorite quotes is from Warren Buffett that says, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work for the rest of your life. And that really stuck into my mind because I’m like, I don’t want to work for the rest of my life. I need to find a way to earn money whether I work or not. And you can do that multiple ways if you already have money. If you’re already rich, you can invest in properties, stock, real estate, and all those things, but you need a lot of money. But people like us that don’t have money to invest, the only way to create financial freedom is with a home based business because you can create leveraged income and the starting investment is very low.

Ryan:         [30:21]Yeah, 100%. I agree with you 100%, man. That’s so amazing. So the audience, these guys, they’re either in a position where they haven’t started their own home based business yet, but they really want to start a home based business, or they’re already working on a home based business, and they just want to get way better and get the success that they desire. So what is the best advice you could give to these guys from your experience so far in life, with your success?

Giordano: [30:55]Yeah, the best advice that I could giveand probably it’s the hardest thing to do is to stop listening to the people that don’t have the result that you want, which is the majority of people that are going to give you advice, and only start listening only to the people that have the result you want. That was my biggest shift because my whole life I was influenced by my family, my friends, my circle, and none of those people had the result I wanted. And sometimes I let this affect the way I thought. So the best way is that you really need to find someone where if you’re already doing a home based business, find someone that’s doing a home based business who already achieved the results you want and let him be your mentor. The mentor is the fastest way to success. So you need to find someone who achieved the result you want and just listen to that person. That was the biggest thing for me.

Ryan:         [31:48] Wow, that’s awesome, man. So I know you mentioned your favorite quote already. I want to dive deeper into it a little bit because I really believe in quotes. I believe the perfect quote at the perfect time in someone’s life can really transform their mindset and their perspective and everything. Sowhat is your favorite quote? If it’s the one you already said, say it again and we can kind of dive deeper into it.

Giordano: [32:11]Yeah, my favorite quote is “Our dreams are bigger than our problems,” because it’s just the way that I achieved everything in life is by having big dreams. Dreams that were so big that nothing could really stop me because sometimes we don’t dream big enough. We don’t think we deserve to live that lifestyle, so we have dreams that we think it’s okay for what we can achieve, and we never dream big enough. And of course, when we have problems in life or challenges, we quit because it’s just too hard. But when your dreams are big enough, bigger than your problems, then no problem or no challenge can stop you because your vision is so big you can’t be stopped. And I think that’s my favorite way to live life, my favorite quote.

Ryan:         [32:58]And that’s why you’re successful today, man, because you literally have lived that quote the last few years of your life, pretty much your whole entire life since you were a kid.

Giordano: [33:08]Thank you.

Ryan:         [33:09]Yeah, you’re welcome, man. So Gio, your story is absolutely incredible. I know everyone here is going to get value in some way, shape or form. I want to say thanks for coming out and just sharing your experience with us, man. So for everyone listening, what would be the best way for them to get in touch with you if they wanted to reach out, have a connectionwith you, or ask any questions or whatnot?

Giordano: [33:32]Yeah, the best way would be through my Instagram. So I don’t know if you have my Instagram or if you want me to say my Instagram?

Ryan:         [33:40]Yeah, go ahead. You can say it, bro.

Giordano: [33:42]It’s @giordygoma. So it’s G-I-O-R-D-Y Roma, ROM-A. That’s my Instagram.

Ryan:         [33:51]Cool, man. All right, Gio. Thank you so much for coming out, bro. I loved your story, man.

Giordano: [33:56]Thank you so much for having me here.

Ryan:         [33:59]That’s all for this episode of The Home Based Business Podcast. Now it’s time to set your personal plan in motion. To set up a discovery call with Ryan himself, join our Facebook community filled with others just like you who have seen what it takes to make their home based business dream a reality. Join the conversation at ryanallenbell.com/community and we’ll catch you next time right here on The Home Based Business Podcast.


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