How To Use TikTok For Your Home Based Business

Ryan shares new insights about TikTok he discovered at a recent mastermind. Learn How To Use TikTok For Your Home Based Business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be where the attention is.
  • Find an untapped niche.
  • Create easy points of contact for your bio and in your video content.
  • Utilize the DM feature.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Pivoting is crucial.”

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Episode 11: Why You Should Use TikTok For Your Home Based Business

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Hey, welcome to the show. I’m your host, Ryan Allenbell. I believe the only way toachieve true freedom is to futureproof your income by creating a plan to quit your job and start a home-based business.

In this podcast, I’ll be diving deep into everything home-based business related and interviewing thought leaders in their space who are creating successful home-basedbusinesses.

So, if you want to learn the new way of business, if you want to develop the mindset and skills to get you from where you are to where you want to go, then you’re in the right place. Because this is the Home-Based Business Podcast.

In today’s episode, I dive deep into the new platform, TikTok. We go into why it’s so important to have a TikTok right now for your home-based business, what exactly is TikTok, how it works and what will happen if you start using it for yourself and your business.

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Hey, what’s up? Welcome back to another episode of the Home-Based Business Podcast. So today, I want to dive deep into TikTok and really get into it and kind of explain what it is, how it works and how you can use it for your home-basedbusiness. Because believe it or not, it is a powerful platform and entrepreneurs are using it every single day to generate income in their home-based businesses.

And the reason I want to bring this up is because I was at a mastermind this past weekend. And just to paint a picture, the average income of the people at this mastermind earn about $750 thousand a year in their home-based businesses, and a few of them are using TikTok as one of their media platforms to promote their brand and to get their message out to the marketplace. And they’re gaining a ton of results doing that.

And that’s why I want to come out and talk to you about TikTok. Even if you haven’t used it before or this is something that you’ve considered, I think it’s something that you should really consider using because it’s only going to get bigger from this point forward.

And right now, you’re probably a giant consumer, not a creator of the platform, just because it’s so addictive and it’s very entertaining and you have the opportunity to create entertaining content as well.

So, I remember the first time I saw TikTok and my first thought of it is, This platform is not going to go anywhere.” Because when I first heard about it, this is before we had entrepreneurs, brands and whatnot on it, it was called back in the day and it was kids who were making music on it. They were doing karaoke and stuff like that.

And so, the first time I saw this, I was like, Oh, this is not a social media platform for adults. That was my first perception of the app. And I’ve actually created my TikTok account three times because I’ve messed with it and I realized I didn’t like it at first. And I built another one and then I heard that they were going to shut it down in the United States. So, I was like, “Okay, what’s the point?

And now, I’ve created it again for the third time because I’m learning from people that have the results that I want in business. And they’re achieving remarkable results using the platform, promoting their brands and getting their message out to the marketplace.

Okay, so why should TikTok matter to you right now? Because you might be listening to this thinking that I’m insane for telling you to use TikTok for your business, right?

And the reason why we want to use it is because that’s where attention is right now. And in social media and in the marketplace, where the most attention is, is where people earn the most income. I need to repeat that: where the most attention is, is where people earn the most income. Because how are people going to buy your products and service if they don’t even know you?

And that’s why we want to use TikTok is because think of it, there are billions of people using the platform right now. If you go on the app and you look at the For You page, there are videos that have millions and millions of views. And so, that’s why I would invite you to learn about the platform, not from a consumer point of view, but from a creator point of view and be able to get your brand and your message out there so people could hear your story, learn about your products, learn about your services and buy from you. That’s what’s happening. We can use this as such a great tool for our homebased businesses.

And what’s happening is more and more adults are getting on the platform, more and more entrepreneurs are getting on the platform, more and more brands are getting on the platform because they realize that’s where attention is right now.

And in this day and age, I believe pivoting is crucial, so we could catch up to how our economy is shifting.

This is exactly the kind of topic that we’re constantly talking about in our Facebook community, the Home-Based Business Community. It can be really hard to find a community of likeminded people who are working towards similar goals.

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The times are changing. Technology is here to stay. Social media is here to stay. Take advantage of the social media platforms that are working today.

If I was here telling you to use MySpace, that’s going to be bad advice. Why? Because there is no attention on MySpace right now. No, people use MySpace. That’s an old platform. It faded away. So, if you were to create content on MySpace, no one would even see your content. So, what’s the point?

What platforms are already working? Instagram is working, right? Because there’s attention on that right now. Facebook is working, even though that’s older, I think Facebook is king. I believe it will always be the biggest social media platform. And there’s still a lot of attention there. Facebook has the most users out of any other social media platform on planet Earth. So, yes, use it for your business.

You also have Twitter, Snapchat. See, Snapchat was popular for a quick second and then Instagram came in with the Stories and they lost huge market share because of that. I still know people that use Snapchat, but it’s not as big as it used to be. And then you also have YouTube. There’s a lot of attention on YouTube, right?

Podcasting: You’re listening to this right now because podcasting has a lot of attention in the marketplace.

And so, that’s what TikTok is. It’s a social media platform where there is a lot of attention on it right now, today. And I’m not sure how long the attention is going to last, but we should utilize it while the world is looking at TikTok.

And essentially what it is, is a platform for you to create creative videos and entertain people and educate people. That’s all it is.

So, let’s take a look at TikTok; how does it work? The biggest feature on TikTok is the For You page. And that’s what’s so unique about this platform. So, on the For You page, anyone that has created a TikTok has the potential to be seen on the For You page, depending on how well they are doing with their marketing.

It’s all determined by the algorithm, right? It depends on the hashtags. It depends on how many followers they have. It depends on the quality of the videos they make. There’s a lot of different factors that come into play that determine if you’re going to be seen on the For You page or not. But the more that you create amazing content, the higher likelihood of you getting on the For You page is possible for you.

And you could use the platform to brand yourself, just like your other social media platforms. If you already have a brand, you have a message, you can just duplicate that on TikTok.

And what’s cool about TikTok is once you have a thousand people following you, they give you the ability to have a clickable link in your bio. And so, when that happens, you can have your website or wherever you want to send people so you could get them plugged into your world.

But at the end of the day, it’s just like any other social media platform out there.You have people you follow. You have people that follow you. You have your own page that has content that you’ve created over the last few weeks, months and years, so people go and look through all your content. You have a bio. And like I said, they could click a link once you get to a thousand followers.

And then there’s two different pages. You have the For You page and then you have the Following page. So, the For You page, that’s probably what you’ve already seen before where you just get lost, like scrolling and looking at random videos. But the Following page are people that you already follow.

So, if you just want to follow, TikTok from people that you’re already following, you just go to the Following page and you could scroll and you just watch people that you’re following.

So, think about this: what if you use this platform? It might feel so awkward at first, it might feel so challenging at first, because it’s different, it’s unique, it’s something that we don’t have experience with yet. But imagine that you start getting used to this thing and imagine you start developing an audience on this platform.

And think about this also; the world’s attention is on TikTok. And if you’re creating great content on TikTok, you have the world’s attention in the grasp of your hands. Think about how powerful that is for building your home-based business and growing your brand.

And I think the most powerful thing to think about, let’s consider your niche. Let’s say you have a particular market on Facebook or a particular market on Instagram or YouTube or whatever you use, what you can do with TikTok is reach that same market, that same niche, but it’s a market and a niche that is untapped, most likely. You have the ability to be one of the founding influencers in your market on TikTok, in your niche, on TikTok.

And so, I would really invite you to make an account and go after it. I would say to create a project between now and the beginning of 2021. Create a project, download TikTok; if you haven’t already. Make an account and start making content and get used to the platform and start messing with it. Start building relationships with people on TikTok.

It has a DM feature. You could build as many relationships as possible. You could send people to your podcast. You could send people to your website. You could send people to wherever you want to send them.

And I want to end by sharing a couple stories about two ladies I met at the mastermind I was at this weekend. So, one of them has been using TikTok all 2020. Actually, both of them have been using TikTok, all 2020. And one of them generates 40 percent of her business revenue from TikTok alone. So, think about that. It’s life changing for her business.

The other lady, 95 percent of her customers right now for her home-based business come from TikTok. It’s literally changing her life right now.

I made my first TikTok two days ago. And I made a post and it already has over 150 views; my very first TikTok video.

How is that possible without any followers? It’s possible because of the For Youpage. That’s why this platform is so unique. You’re going to make great content and the platform itself is going to show your content to as many people as possible if you make great content.

So, if you’ve listened this far in the podcast, I hope I’ve inspired some type of inspiration for you to at least try it out. Give it 90 days and see what happens; see if you could develop an audience.

And stay tuned to my next episode, because I’m bringing on someone who has half a million followers right now on his TikTok. You don’t want to miss it. All right,start TikToking.

That’s all for this episode of the Home-Based Business Podcast. Now it’s time to set your personal plan in motion. To set up a discovery call with Ryan himself,join our Facebook community filled with others, just like you, who have seen what it takes to make their home-based business dream a reality.

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