In this episode, Ryan shares the importance of creating a 5-year structural plan and a 10-year financial plan for our home based businesses.

On This Episode:

  • Create a 5-year structural plan.
  • Create a 10-year financial plan.
  • Use as a tool to create a mind map for the 5 and 10-year plan.
  • Use SMART goals as you are creating your mind map

Key Takeaways:

  1. Get a birds-eye view of your 5 and 10-year plan for your business.
  2. Plan years ahead of time to predict your future success.
  3. Reverse engineer your structural and financial plans.

Shareable Quotes:

  • “At any given moment have a plan for your future.”
  • “It makes sense to plan for your future.”
  • “Never go a day without knowing what to do.”

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