In this episode, Ryan sits down with top tax strategist Courtney Epps to share how to create a more relaxing and less taxing home based business.

On This Episode:

  • Courtney shares her story in becoming a world-class tax strategist
  • Ryan and Courtney discuss how she can help home based business owners save $8,000 per year in taxes.
  • Courtney shares why you would be brain dead not to own a business.
  • Hear how Courtney helps us understand the basics of taxing.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Don’t get a second job. Start a home based business.
  2. It only matters how much you keep, not what you make.
  3. Learn how to legally, morally, and ethically combat taxes and expenses on your business.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “40% of every dollar you make goes to taxes as an employee.”
  • “The average income of an American is $53,000 per year.”
  • “You would be brain dead not to own a business.”

Connect with Courtney Epps:

Text TAX to 855-949-1829

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