On this episode, Ryan explains his initial aversion to social media, how he learned it’s value, and why he recommends you should begin utilizing it today. We are officially in the Social Media Marketing Era.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Your reach is limited with offline marketing.
  2. Examine your strengths to determine which platform is best.
  3. Choose one platform and become consistent.

Tweetable Quotes:

At every event, make one decision that will move your life forward.

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Intro: You’re listening to Episode 17. You’ve seen the future; you know where your life is heading. But you know you haven’t taken the right steps to get you there. Welcome to, The Home Based Business Podcast, where we believe the only way to future proof your income is to create a plan to build a successful home based business. It’s time to create a life of freedom, security and impact with your host, Ryan Allen Bell. 

Ryan: Hey, welcome to the show. I’m your host Ryan Allen Bell, I believe the only way to achieve true freedom is to future proof your income by creating a plan to quit your job and start a home based business. In this podcast, I’ll be diving deep into everything home based business related and interviewing thought leaders in their space who are creating successful home based businesses. So, if you want to learn the new way of business, if you want to develop the mindset and skills to get you from where you are to where you want to go, then you’re in the right place because this is, The Home Based Business Podcast. Today I’ll dive deep into the power of social media marketing, I’ll share how I built my business when I was only building my business offline, then I’ll share why I switched to building an online business and really diving deep into social media marketing. I’ll go into why social media is so important, one of the best ways to use social media, how social media really works, and what happens when you really start using social media for yourself and your business. 

Now before we jump to the episode today, if you thought about starting your own home based business, or you’re currently working on a home based business, but haven’t fully figured out how to achieve the level of success you desire, have me and my team help you out, head over to, ryanallenbell.com/workwithme, to talk to me and my team to learn more and we can hop on a quick call to see if we can be a good fit to launch a home based business for you. That way you can achieve the freedom you truly desire in your life. That’s, ryanallenbell.com/workwithme

Hey, welcome back to the podcast. So, in this episode, I really want to dive deep into social media and talk about how it relates specifically to having a home based business and a social media marketing strategy. I want to go into why I really want to talk about this subject and how it really impacted my life, and then we’ll go into how it could impact your life as well. I didn’t always like social media, once I fell in love with it, it literally transformed my whole entire perception of business in general. So, when I first got into business over six years ago, I didn’t build my business on social media, I had a Facebook, I had an Instagram, but I didn’t utilize it. What I was utilizing was offline marketing. So, that is really how I started building my home based business. And I start with my friends and family connecting, getting the word out about my business. And what I started doing was hanging out with people who were great networkers. And I started reading a lot of books about networking. And just really learning about how to build relationships with people, a tool that I utilized so much was meetup.com. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s essentially an app where you find people in your city who want to meet in person. So, it’s really, really cool. And it’s just a way to get out into your community and connect with like-minded people. So, I utilized meetup.com, and I got involved in a lot of networking groups, a lot of business groups, a lot of public speaking groups, like Toastmasters. I got involved in different chambers of commerce for the cities around me. So, getting to know other small business owners, other entrepreneurs. And I did that for my first couple years in business, and I loved it, it was great, I became a great communicator, I was able to develop great friendships, and I was able just to give back to my community. And what ended up happening as I did that is I started achieving success in my business, and it was great. And the people that I was coaching inside of my business, I was coaching them from an offline standpoint, from an offline networking standpoint, and they were also achieving results, right. 

But keep in mind during this time, the online world was continuing to grow Facebook as well, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. all these other platforms were continuing to grow from what I’ve learned from a social media marketing agency. And the biggest turning point for me going from building my business offline to going online was a live event that I went to, I went to this industry event called GoPro, where literally people from all over the world come out to learn how to build home based businesses. And I was learning from seven figure earners for three days in a row. And one of the days was completely dedicated to social media marketing, and it just blew me away. Because for the first time in my life, I was learning from people who had the results that I desired in business, who are using social media. And during that one full day of social media marketing, I was learning all about Facebook and Instagram, those were the two main platforms that people were talking about, there was a little bit of talk on YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but most of it was Facebook, and Instagram. And I was learning about all these different strategies as to how people are building their business on Facebook and Instagram, and it revolutionized the way that I perceived business. And the reason why is because think about this, if you’re building an offline business, your reach is limited, right? You could only talk to so many people in a day or a week or a month or a year. versus when you have an online presence on any social media platform, you can make one post and you could reach 100 people at a time, 200, 500, 1000, right. There’s really no limit, it’s just on your skill set, and the time and effort that you put into it consistently. And it really just opened my eyes to what is possible. This is exactly the kind of topic that we’re constantly talking about in our Facebook community, the home based business community, it can be really hard to find a community of like-minded people who are working towards similar goals. If you want to join the conversation there, it’s absolutely free. So, head over to, ryanallenbell.com/community and click the join button. 

Now one of the biggest things that I got from that event is I made a decision. And that decision was to get good at social media by creating a social media marketing plan template. With the plan template I would even recommend anytime you go to any event, whether it’s a big in person event or an online event, always make a decision, like the purpose of an event is to make a decision to move your life forward, right. And so, that was the decision that I made, was to decide to get good at social media marketing. And the platform that I chose was Instagram, I decided to choose Instagram as my number one vehicle for social media to grow my brand and to build an audience around. And I would actually encourage you to do the same thing, if you’re using social media, become great at one platform first, and that’s what I did as I chose Instagram. And if you hop over to my Instagram, you’ll notice I’ve built a pretty good following. And I believe that’s because I chose one platform and was consistent with it for a long period of time. Fast forward a few years down the road after choosing my one platform and building an audience on it, I’ve utilized that to impact people and to grow my business. And if I look at my results, now my current business, I would say the majority of my results are coming from Instagram, versus years ago, which was only coming from offline marketing. And what I learned over the years, is social media really is a great platform to impact people. And so, I encourage you to choose a platform that you want to impact people with whether it’s Facebook, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, podcasting, that’s a platform that I’m currently using right now. TikTok is up and coming, right.


And to give an idea of which platform to choose for you is take a look at your strengths. Are you great at writing, if you’re great at writing, maybe use Facebook or Twitter? Are you great at photography, or video if you’re great at photography, or video, use Instagram or YouTube, right? Have you been great at your jobs? Or if you have a ton of creativity use TikTok, right. Or if you’re more a business type of person and you want to brand yourself from like a professional point of view, maybe use a LinkedIn. You can learn from social media marketing books and companies too. If you love speaking, and you feel confident speaking to other people, maybe podcasting is for you. So, figure out your strength for your business. And then choose your platform and just make a decision to become good at it, become great at it and be consistent, do the right things long enough consistently until you get the results in whatever platform that you’re going to use. Make a social media marketing job description if necessary. Make it a good job description. And at the end of the day, what was the goal? What is social media marketing? Think about what is social media, it’s to connect with people, it’s to make friends with people, it’s to build relationships with people, right. So, I’d love to connect with you on social media as well. If we’re not already connected, you can check out, ryanallenbell.com and you can find all my social platforms and course there, and just connect with me on whichever one you use the most that you want to make your one platform. Check for news and that’s pretty much what I wanted to talk about today, is just really covering the power of social media and the salary that can come from it. And just to plant a seed in you using social media for marketing, that using social media for marketing is so powerful, and it’s only going to get bigger from this point forward, right. 

Outro: So, make a decision. We may make a plan pdf, a great plan pdf. Choose your platform, and let’s impact the world. We will end up talking more on how to start a pdf. I’m ready for more strategies, for dummies, articles, and starting a training for pricing. That’s all for this episode of, The Home Based Business Podcast. Now it’s time to set your personal plan in motion. To set up a discovery call with Ryan himself, join our Facebook community filled with others just like you who have seen what it takes to make their home based business dream a reality. Join the conversation at, ryanallenbell.com/community and we’ll catch you next time right here on, The Home Based Business Podcast.

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