On this episode, Ryan sits down with CEO and Co-Founder of Contact Mapping Adrian Chenault. Ryan and Adrian discuss how to build real relationships through an innovative relationship building app called Contact Mapping.

On This Episode:

  • Adrian shares how he got his feet wet in entrepreneurship in 5th grade.
  • Hear how Adrian spent years in finance before making the true leap into business.
  • Ryan and Adrian discuss how Adrian got involved in the tech space which led to Contact Mapping.
  • Adrian shares how Contact Mapping was initially developed 15 years ago by his dad before developing an app.
  • Hear how Adrian builds world-class relationships with people using Contact Mapping.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Building connection is better than connecting.
  2. Contact Mapping helps us become incredible conversationalist so we can focus on what people need.
  3. Contact Mapping is a database of every person we have ever met in our life.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “People want to live and dream as big as they want to be.”
  • “Learn the keys to people’s hearts by asking great questions.”
  • “Keep everyone in your network warm.”

Connect with Adrian Chenault:

Download Contact Mapping Here: Contactmapping.com/hbbpodcast

Contact Adrian: 303-332-7458

To find out more information about the Home Based Business Podcast and host, Ryan Allen Bell, visit ryanallenbell.com.