How To Get TikTok Famous

Zach is a serial entrepreneur who started his home based business in college. At the beginning of quarantine, he started his TikTok channel and went from 200-500,000 followers through his quarantine games and van life series. His current goal is to help influencers monetize so that they can create content for a living. We talk about How To Get TikTok Famous on today’s episode.

On This Episode:

  • Learn the mindset that got Zach where he is.
  • Find out how reading and school fundraisers helped Zach develop his entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Hear how Zach pivoted during COVID by focusing on TIkTok.
  • Get tips for massive TikTok growth.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Develop a desire to win.
  2. Find people who can teach you how they’ve achieved their success.
  3. Consistency is the key to success.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • Do the right things long enough until you get the results.
  • If you do what they do, say what they say, you’ll get what they get.
  • Post what you want to post about.

Zach Fitch


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How to get TikTok famous


Zach: You’re listening to Episode 12. Hey, this is Zach Fitch, the owner of the Influencer Network. And if you want to learn how to build a successful home based business, you should be listening to the home based business podcast with my good friend Ryan Allen Bell.


Intro: You’ve seen the future; you know where your life is heading. But you know you haven’t taken the right steps to get you there. Welcome to the home based business Podcast, where we believe the only way to future proof your income is to create a plan to build a successful home based business. It’s time to create a life of freedom, security and impact with your host Ryan Allen bell.


Ryan: Hey, welcome to the show. I’m your host Ryan Allen Bell. I believe the only way to achieve true freedom is to future proof your income by creating a plan to quit your job and start a home based business. In this podcast, I’ll be diving deep into everything home based business related and interviewing thought leaders in their space who are creating successful home based businesses. So, if you want to learn the new way of business, if you want to develop the mindset and skills to get you from where you are to where you want to go, then you’re in the right place because this is, The Home Based Business podcast. Today I’m with my friend Zach Fitch. Zach is a serial entrepreneur. He started his home based business while he was in college, but it hasn’t stopped there. Right at the beginning of the quarantine Zach start his Tik Tok channel and has grown, has fallen from 200 to over 500,00 in just six months through his quarantine games and van life series. His goal is to continue building his following and his next business move is to help influencers monetize their channels so they can create content for a living. Today we dive deep into Zach’s story into exactly how he created a following with half a million people. Now before we turn to the episode today, if you thought about starting your own home based business or you’re currently working on a home based business but haven’t fully figured out how to achieve the level of success you desire, have to me and my team help you out, head over to, for sauce work with me to learn more, we can hop on a quick call to see if we can be a good fit to launch a home based business for you. That way you can achieve the freedom you truly desire for your life. That’s, What’s up? Today I am with my good friend Zack, Zack, what’s up, bro? How are you?

Zach: Dude, I am doing great. I’m just living life, just finished traveling the country and so now I’m back getting interviewed by you. 

Ryan: Dude, I love it. Zach is the Tik Tok legend you guys. And we’re going to get into how he was able to grow a huge Tik Tok audience. So, let’s dive deeper bro. First, before we talk about Tik Tok, I want to go into your story and talk about the mindset that it really took for you to become an entrepreneur to get to where you are today. So, who was Zach back in the day, let’s say elementary school, middle school, high school?What kind of person were you before you started becoming an entrepreneur?


Zach: To be honest, I was like an entrepreneur from the start. Both my parents have run their own businesses and like we’d have the magazine sales at our school. And I’m still the number one sale for the magazines, because even though they told me I wasn’t allowed to go door to door I would knock door to door and ask people if they wanted magazines, because I just wanted to win. But when I was really little, I just read a whole bunch. like you’d catch me at recess, I was a kid who would read a little bit, I would hang out my friends, but if I had a good book, I was reading that book instead of hanging out. But my entrepreneurial spirit, really like the first time I ever saw it was one summer I really wanted to make some money and my dad had a beef jerky company at the time. And he said here I’ll give you beef jerky, you can go around the neighborhood, you can sell it to people. So, I ended up walking around with my wagon and a cart full of beef jerky and selling it to all my neighbors. And I sold out completely and I came home with, I think it was like 250 bucks, 300 bucks and I was like sweet. My dad goes, hey, so you have to pay me for the beef jerky. And I said, I don’t Dad, I don’t have to pay for it. But that was like my first lesson in entrepreneurship, you have to actually pay for what you sell, you can’t just take people’s stuff and sell it.


Ryan: Dude, the overhead. So, how old were you when you’re assigned to beef jerky?


Zach: I was like, I want to say nine years old, eight or nine? 

Ryan: Wow. 

Zach: Yeah.


Ryan: That’s insane. Because a lot of people I’ve talked to either they don’t have entrepreneurial experience, and they just figure it out as they grow up. Or they’re literally just born into it, which is your story like your parents are entrepreneurs, and you’re like, okay, cool. And I talked about this a lot, it’s like the power of environment, like literally our environment shapes us and who we become and we have to have an outside perspective to realize, hey, do I want to be a part of this environment and let it shape me or do I want to create like something that’s completely different? And luckily for you, it sounds like it influences you positively, which is amazing. Yeah, 100%, bro. So, you mentioned you wanted to win, because I want to go back to a couple points, you mentioned you wanted to win in that contest, and you mentioned that you read a lot. And I feel like those are two like huge characteristics for success in general, it’s like having a willingness to win and also consuming information and consuming knowledge. So, where did the winning aspect come into play? You’re like, I want to win this contest.


Zach: I think I originally like, when I was a kid and still to this day, I’ve slowly grown out of it, but I’m money motivated. So, like when I was a kid, and they offered me, I got a trip to raging waters and I could get some like security camera for my bedroom that is actually still up, but it doesn’t do anything. I was like pumped, I was ready to do it, the mini fridge, I was ready, I needed the mini fridge for my room, I was just ready to go get it because I wanted those. And so, that’s what drove me, the motivation that I had behind it to win. And then the consuming knowledge, my parents just taught me that from when I was a small kid. But it also was the desire to win because we had a competition each year, whoever had the most AR points it was called, would get a prize, it was like a $50 gift card. And so, I was seeing, I wanted that gift card. So, I started reading as much as I possibly could to get it.


Ryan: Dang. Okay, what’s interesting is like there was competition inside of these contests. Did you play sports at all also?


Zach: I did. Yeah, I played sports my whole life as well.


Ryan: Okay, because what I’ve noticed is like a lot of successful entrepreneurs, they come from like a competitive background of sporting, but for you, it’s like contests, which essentially, it’s similar to a sport, same type of rules, it’s like you have rules, there are ways to win, there are ways to lose. Incredible. Okay, so you’re nine years old, you’re selling beef jerky, you have your first business lesson, which is oh, learn about overhead. What happens after this? So, do you like what other entrepreneur ventures did you get into? What other lessons did you start learning from this point forward?


Zach: Some of the things that I learned was, you have to learn from others. Because when you’re nine, when you’re growing up, you feel like everything. And then you come to realize really fast, hit you like a brick wall, almost that you don’t know as much as you think and that there’s a ton of other people that have done it before. And to be honest, if you ask, they’re willing to teach you and I just started absorbing knowledge and from my parents, from other entrepreneurs I met, just to get a feel for what it was. And then my first I’d say like, big lesson was in college, when my roommate or the guy who lived across the hall, he became one of my best friends, but he was running his own company. And he was teaching me all about how he ran it. He hired college students, because they were less expensive than everyone else to shovel snow. But I learned really quick, I’m not a snow shoveler, because we had to us worked from 10pm till three or 4am. And then I had like a two hour nap before class, and then right after class I had to go back out and shovel snow. And I was like, this is not for me, I’m done, then one day I was out. So, I learned really quick that it’s hard, but you can learn a lot from tons of people.


Ryan: I do want to talk about that, because that’s for those of you listening. That’s why this podcast even exists is because you could go out there, learn as much as you can, on your own, trying to figure things out. But if you want to get to that next level of your life, whether that’s a skill set you’re developing, or a mindset you’re developing, you have to learn from people that have the results that you want, period. And that’s what you’re able to get here. We’re going to talk about Tik Tok with Zach, because most of us we haven’t grown a huge Tik Tok audience. And this guy has a huge Tik Tok audience and so he’s in a position to teach us so we can learn like what can we do to build an audience on this social platform? Okay, I love the learnings bro, learning from others. What happens after that? What happens after college? What do you get into after that?


Zach: After college I got into home based business, I was doing LegalShield that’s where you and I met Ryan. 

Ryan: Yeah.

Zach: My dad really had a passion for it. And so, I got into it with them. And I would say I was pretty good at getting people protected legally. And I was enjoying it, was working with my dad, I knew there was something I wanted to do more but I wasn’t sure and for all of you guys listening, you got to have something that you’re doing. If you feel like you’re like in limbo, you need to make sure you’re doing something, even if it happens to be working for someone else at the time until you can figure out what you want to do because you want to stay motivated, stay happy. If you have no job and you’re doing nothing and you’re just sitting around, unless you have some goal in mind, educate yourself and building your character and learning and going to seminars and things to build yourself, you need to get to do something, because or else you’ll get depressed, things will happen and you just feel like you can’t do anything. 

So, as to do with that, then quarantine hit, the COVID-19 horrible thing, hits and all my businesses, like all my partners that I had they sort of actually were going out of business and I was like, what can I do to fix this or what’s going to happen? So, they started going out of business, people didn’t have any extra money to spend because they were all losing their jobs. And so, I’m like sitting here not knowing what I’m going to do. And Tik Tok was something that I had messed around with before and my brother told me that he was going to beat me in growing a Tik Tok falling at one point. And so, I ended up going on a vacation, right before COVID hit, like maybe two weeks before, and I grew my following because I posted some videos about off rounding. And I gained about 20,000 followers. And I was like, this is cool. That’s awesome that I could gain a following from it. But once COVID hit, I said, maybe I’ll just start posting every day and figure out something to do for all my followers. I felt like I needed to post for them. And so, I started a thing called the quarantine games, which was a little game or activity people could do every day of quarantine. And started out with a mini pool set I found in my closet and carried on to obstacle courses I created in my backyard. We’ve literally played Hide and Seek, just tons of different little things that we’ve all done before. But putting them in a video format for people to enjoy. So, that’s how I started my Tik Tokfollowing.

Ryan: Okay. I love it, bro. There are a few things I want to talk about. So, number one, and I love this bro, because your brother said he wanted to beat you. He was like, oh, I’m going to grow a bigger audience than you and you’re like, no way that’s not happening. That’s pretty much the decision you made, you’re like, nope, that’s not going to happen. 

Zach: Basically, he told me he was going to make dancing videos. And I said, I think that’s boring, I’m not going to dance, I’ll beat you in a different way. We were really honestly neck and neck, we only had 200 followers that we didn’t know, that was it. And then all of a sudden, I went on this vacation hit 20,000. And he got pissed off that I was so far ahead. And then I just kept the train going.


Ryan: Wow, dude it’s crazy that the level of competitiveness like shows up in your life since you’re a kid. And here it’s, it literally sounds like it’s the catalyst that created this huge audience for you on Tik Tok.


Zach: Yeah, I didn’t even think about that before. But yeah, it really is the competitive spirit and the fact that I don’t want to lose, it’s what drives me forward. 

Ryan: Wow. I love it. Okay, so let’s talk about the importance of really giving value to an audience. So, you got 20 K followers by doing something fun, you were off rounding, right? And you’re just, okay, let me just post this, this is my life, this is what I’m doing. And people found entertainment in it, right?


Zach: Yeah. People found entertainment; a lot of people like to buy voiceover. So, what I do is film like my day and then do a voiceover with exciting stuff. For some reason a lot of my audience like this one scene in my off rounding thing, where we drove by a cow, and for some reason, I just stopped my voiceover and went, hey, cow. And so, the whole comment section was full, it was flooded with hey cow, and I was like, okay, like, everyone enjoyed the fact that I was just being me as a person. Not trying to be anybody else and just posting things.


Ryan: Wow. At the end of the day, if all of us and you guys listen to you, if we’re looking at social media, from a business standpoint, what is the main reason people go to social media like Facebook and Instagram and Tik Tok? It’s for entertainment purposes, primarily, we go there to socialize with our friends, our family, we go there for entertainment, there’s so many different pages for entertainment. Now, from an entrepreneurial standpoint, we could use that to be able to influence the marketplace. It’s like okay, if we already know that people are going to these platforms to be entertained, how can we entertain them and bring them value at the same time? which is exactly what you’re doing bro, you just figured out a way to entertain people and make it fun.


Zach: Yeah, absolutely. And when you’re saying that, that just made me think a lot of people go about it the wrong way, they try to just get business from it and they don’t realize that the big picture is, say you just started Tik Tok or any type of page and if you’re willing to provide value and build that huge follower base, even if you wanted to do that before you ever shared with them anything about business. Now your people love you and you have hundreds of thousands of followers and they want to listen to you, that’s how you build that rapport with all these people by creating that content, the entertainment, and then you can talk to them about what you want to really talk to them about.


Ryan: Yep. 100% man. Okay, so you got 20,000 followers with the off roading video or that when you went on vacation, and then you did the quarantine challenge and see you’re making it fun for them on a daily basis. So, how many followers did you get during this period of time with the challenge?


Zach: During the quarantine I actually did it for 81 days straight, every day I’d have a video posted no matter what it was. And I ended up getting I think I was at 275,000 followers at the end of those 80 days. 

Ryan: Wow. 

Zach: And after that I changed up what I was doing because I started getting offers to go travel. So, I started traveling a little bit with my Tik Tok account, but that was a little bit different, but 275,000 from the quarantine games.


Ryan: The biggest thing I got from that is consistency, because you said you did it for 81 days straight. And at the end of the day, if people are going to achieve success in anything, they have to be consistent over a long period of time, there’s a quote that I live by, I was like, do the right things long enough consistently until you get the results. This is exactly the kind of topic that we’re constantly talking about in our Facebook community, the home based business community, it can be really hard to find a community of like-minded people who are working towards similar goals. If you want to join the conversation there, it’s absolutely free. So, head over to, and click the join button. That consistency is, did you just know, okay, I should be consistent with this, or did someone mentioned like, oh, you should be consistent with this? Or like, where did the idea for you just to be consistent with it come from?


Zach: The idea initially came from Gary Vee, to be not just the consistency part, but the entire portion of it. Like, I felt that I needed to be consistent, but not only consistent. Gary Vee mentions at the very beginning before building any social media following, he answered every single comment, I answered every single comment until I hit 230,000 followers, and I’m talking about they put one letter in the chat, I would say what, or something like that, I got banned from the comment section of Tik Tok, probably 50 or 60 times because I was posting too fast. But, like at the start of my building, I answered every single comment my bio said CEO of answering every single comment. And people challenge me on that, and they would post like, 100 times in my videos. And I got to a point where I’d have 10 people challenging me to answer every comment. And I’d answer one of them and say, hey, I’m trying to answer it and be nice. I’m not trying to answer you spamming me over and over with different things. So, I had to slowly change. But I would say today I answer still about 90% of comments, because this is my brand, this is who I am, and I want to connect with my audience, I can’t obviously connect and hang out with all 400,000 of them. But I can try my best to answer their comments, see what they do. Sometimes people tell me to check out a video, I’ll go check out your video. I have no problem doing that, it’s just I can’t, if you ask, you shall receive for sure.


Ryan: 100%. What’s interesting is success leaves clues. And we talked about this earlier in the podcast, which is learning from others. And you said I learned this from Gary Vee. And obviously he has like the number one social media brand in the world. So, why not learn from the best? 

Zach: Exactly.

Ryan: He’s 100% man. So, you’re responding to 90% of your comments, you said every single day. How many comments is that, would you say?


Zach: I’d say I think I get about 200 comments or more a day. 

Ryan: Okay.

Zach: A little over 200. If I get a viral video, I’m on my phone a lot that day, because I have to answer the comments. And like I said, I like to answer it, I like to be in there. And the coolest part to me is that I live stream too with the platform, that was what I did, I posted a video and after I posted my video I would live stream. But I created a community, I have about 30 or 40 followers that I know by name, when they jump in the live stream I know about their lives, they tell me about it. But then the coolest part is that they’re all friends with each other. So, they jump in my lives to hang out with my followers who they met through me. So, it’s just like a cool, I don’t know cycle of event. 

Ryan: Yeah. It’s not just you and the audience. It’s you and the audience together as one and you guys are a community together. That’s like what you’ve created.


Zach: Exactly. And I love it. I think it’s so cool that my followers know each other, and they follow each other and have fun and talk to each other. And some of them are even like friends now and they FaceTime each other and have fun. And I’m like, that is exactly what I wanted to build. I’m so happy for you guys. 

Ryan: Yeah. 100%, man. Okay, so now it sounds like things start getting interesting once you hit that 275 Mark, as people are hitting you up to start traveling. So, what was the purpose in that? Was the purpose just to grow your audience even bigger to network with like other influencers or what were you guys doing there?


Zach: I’ll be honest, the first time I actually met a guy on Tik Tok, we had a webinar from the corporate office that was helping like any size creator grow. To be honest, the webinar was horrible, it was super boring, but a random person in the chat before they turned it off said, hey, add me on Snapchat, we’ll start a group chat. And I was like, okay, cool, there’s some other creators. So, I jumped into this group chat, I ended up meeting actually one of the guys who I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, the house that got shut down, their electricity and stuff, the mayor of LA shut down this Tik Tokkhouse because they were throwing parties even through COVID. But one of those big influencers I met, and he lives in that house in LA, so I always joke with him about that, I’m like, bro, come on like this. But I also met a guy named John’s Bones, that’s his account name and he asked me to fly out to New York, he paid for it all, and help him run his business. And so, I flew out to New York for 10 days during COVID and helped him build his business out of his apartment while growing his Tik Tok brand. And so, for that’s where it first started, and while I was just scrolling through Tik Tok a random person, I had no idea who they were said, posted a video saying, hey, I just bought a van, I’m driving all the way to California if this video blows up, I’m going to revamp it, put beds in it and make it awesome. And as a joke I posted, hey, if you ever come to California, let me know I’ll hop in. And so, that’s what started this huge road trip. I ended up going on and yeah, that’s what inspired me to get some brand deals and start getting paid from Tik Tok.


Ryan: Wow, what you essentially did was you just embraced networking with the TikTok community.


Zach: Yes, yes, absolutely.


Ryan: And bro, that is how we met in the first place. We met offline networking for our home based businesses and you’re just duplicating this now within the Tik Tokkcommunity.


Zach: Exactly. And it’s been awesome. Some of the connections I make on Tik Tok are crazy, like, for instance, today I have a series I just started with those abs’ stimulators.


Ryan: Yeah.


Zach: So, I bought one to see, let’s see if it actually works. And that’s my series right now that I’m going on. But now I have nutritionists, fitness instructors reaching out and they want to help me get my goal trying to use the app simulator if it works, otherwise, just hitting my goals normally, and so they’re all trying to help me, I’m seeing if I can get some deals with them. So, I can shut them out on my page, and they can help me get ripped. 

Ryan: 100%. Okay, so for the audience, or people who they really want to build a brand on social media, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, Tick, Tock, YouTube, or whatever it is, when did monetization come into play for you? Because obviously, you weren’t making money right away, like when did you first start seeing income coming in? 

Zach: So. the first time I saw income coming in, I actually started reaching out to companies, because I thought with my quarantine game series, I said, to be honest, there’s a way for companies to make money while I’m not changing anything that I believe and that was big to me, because I wanted to make sure I still promote, if I promoted a product or whatever it was, that I still liked it. And I really enjoyed it, because I wanted to be me, I didn’t want to be some fake person, like saying, oh, yeah, buy this, it’s awesome. No, I wanted to make sure whether it’s a game or anything else that I could have it done for me and people would be like, Zach, did you actually likethat? And I could say yes. So, I started reaching out to a bunch of game companies. The reason I first reached out was because I made a paper airplane out of a paper airplane book I got when I was a kid from scholastic, and it got over a million views. And I ended up getting like an entire fan base on my page that loves paper airplanes. So, I started once a week, I would post a paper airplane or create something in paper. And so, I reached out to Scholastic and I was like, hey, I have an audience of like 200,000 followers that love paper airplanes and games and stuff. I want to figure out if you’ll work with me. Unfortunately, they never responded, but these other game companies reached out and started asking me hey, can you promote our game? Hey, can you do this? And so, that’s when I started. My first sponsorship was with a company called Gizmodo, they buy electronics, and recycle it. So, I just had a day where I went through my house making money selling all my old electronics. And so, that was what I did for that quarantine game that day, making money in the quarantine with things you don’t use anymore. So, that was when it first started for sure.


Ryan: Dude, that’s incredible. So, it’s just you, it doesn’t just happen magically, you actually spent time reaching out to people, to ask for business, to build relationships, just to see if it was a fit. So, it’s like, for those listening is you can’t just build something and expect it to happen. You do have to put in the work to actually make it happen. That’s kind of what I’m getting from your experience with it.

Zach: For sure, for sure. 

Ryan: So, what’s the future look like for you, man, from this point forward? How many followers do you currently have on your Tik Tok?


Zach: I think I just hit 460,000 this morning.


Ryan: Wow. Congrats.


Zach: Yeah, thank you so much. I went through like a slight lull in growth because my Tik Tok games, or my quarantine game series went so viral, everybody knew it. That when I started traveling, Tik Tok had changed their algorithm, the day I flew to New York, which was really honestly frustrating because I knew how their algorithm worked, I knew what I was doing. And once they changed it, my video views started going down, my following still was growing, but not at the same rate. And I had to figure out how to transition back to what I was doing once I came home from my road trip and from New York, but it’s growing, I just recently started an influencer agency to help influencers who are growing that don’t know how to deal with businesses, I deal with the businesses for them. And we get them brand deals and sponsorships for different things. So, that’s what I’ve been working on recently, making a video every day still, and building that, because my real passion now is to help other people grow, when they don’t know how. And so, if I can do that, it’s super fun.


Ryan: Wow, I love it man. You’re using your skill set to help other people develop the same skill set.

Zach: Exactly.

Ryan: Like that’s how success works, period. In general, if you’re playing sports, you learn from the best, if you’re in business, you learn from the best and you just model and you duplicate. And I like to say if you do what they do, say what they say, you’ll get what they get.


Zach: That’s a good one.


Ryan: So, I do want to go back a little bit, you said the algorithm changed, because I understand that happens a lot for pretty much every social media platform. So, from your perspective, when there are algorithm changes, like how do you go about figuring out what to do next to pretty much stay on top of it?


Zach: Yeah. So, to be honest, with Tik Tokk, especially since no one understands the algorithm really, like you can get a hang of it for a little bit until they switch something up. But I really didn’t understand what I needed to do; I was really completely lost. I was like, I am now posting amazing travel videos, and a nobody seeing it, like my whole audience wouldn’t see the video at all. And randomly I had one video spike up to 600,000 views and then it went down to nothing again, like 30, 40,000. And I was getting a little bit discouraged, but I realized, when you have a platform, you need to be posting stuff that you want to post and it doesn’t necessarily matter, you just need to keep that consistency, keep posting. I treated it as Tik Tok challenging me. Are you going to stay an influencer? Are you still going to post with us even if we don’t let you get views? And so, I took it as a challenge to myself, I was going to keep posting and I will be honest, it was discouraging when you wake up and your phone has 5000 new followers and every time you check it, you’re at 1000 new over and over every day for 80 days, you just like insanely amounts of followers. And then you drop down below, you open your phone and there are three new followers. You’re like, okay, cool, but I’m used to the high of like, thousands of followers at a time. So, I just use it as a, like I said competitive, Tik Tok‘s challenging me. 

Ryan: Yeah. 

Zach: Are you still going to post if we don’t show your videos and I wanted to make sure they knew, yes. And now we’re back on track, this new series just hit 1 million views in day one. And so, we’re back on track making sure we make waves around the community.


Ryan: Dude, I love what you said, post what you want to post about. And I think that’s such a magical thing to focus on for any anyone who wants to build an audience because if you post what you want to post, that’s obviously what you value, you will start attracting people that value the same thing. And I love that you’re like okay, Tik Tok is challenging me. Am I really an influencer? And literally you prove to the marketplace that you are influencer, because you’re really just standing up for what you believe in.

Zach: Yeah, absolutely. And I really do value the fact post what you want to post, because you want to be you, I know a lot of influencers who post things that they’re not, it’s not them, and they get tired of it, they get bored. And when people meet them, they’re like, that’s not the person that’s on social media. But I want people whenever they see any of my stuff, to be like that is Zach. He took a photo of him hanging upside down on a subway, that’s him. That’s–


Ryan: I love it. I love it man. Okay, so you have this influencer agency, this is pretty much like one of your shrinks that you’re focusing on. Where do you see that going? Let’s say within the next five years, what’s your vision for it?

Zach: Vision for those, there are two options right

now. I have a partner who does all the operation side for me, I do all the connecting the businesses to our influencer side. We’re growing incredibly fast; we’ve already just surpassed I think 12 million followers under management right now. And the brand deals just like yesterday, the past two days have been actually flowing into us. So, that’s been really cool, we actually soon are going to have to hire someone to run it while I get the businesses, we’re going to need someone to find the creators to work with. But five years, there’s two options for us. One, we’ve been noticing these companies are getting huge VC backing. There’s one other competitor they’re not even close to as good as what we do, but they already raised $10 million in capital. So, there’s an option there, what our goal really, I think me and my partners is to get in there, hopefully be pissing some one of the big guys off that is doing this and they buy us out, that could be a goal or the rate we’re growing, we could surpass everyone. And so, we would be totally interested in managing it, or at least managing until we bring somebody in who can do it all for us. And we can just hang out as owners and see the fruits of our good work.


Ryan: Wow. It’s so fascinating to see how far like our society has progressed. Like now we’re at a point where there’s agencies that help you become professional influencers, and that’s exactly what you’re doing, man. That’s insane. So, for those of you listening, if you’re looking to blow up your Tik Tok, hit up, Zach, for sure.

Zack: Absolutely. We can help you, if you have anywhere from 10,000 and up followers, we can help you get brand deals, get music deals, things like that. And we love doing it, we’re helping right now, 107, but it grows at about five to 10 influencers a day, usually now with over 100 K followers each, but we’re helping anyone from 10,000 up to get these brand deals.


Ryan: Wow, amazing. Zach, your story is incredible. Let’s change gears a little bit. So, since this is the home based business podcast, I have a belief that the only way to achieve true freedom is to create a plan to quit our job and start a home based business. So, I want to ask you the same thing, so, my audience could get like a different perspective, not just me, but from someone else who’s an entrepreneur. So, do you believe that the only way to achieve true freedom is to create a plan to quit your job and start a home based business and why?


Zach: I believe that the only way really to get freedom is to, at minimum have some sort of job that gives you the freedom to work whenever you want. And most of the time, that’s going to end up being a home based business. There are certain companies that have reached out and they want me to run their Tik Tok pages for them, they want to hire me on full time, I told them, I’m not going into the office, if I do that, I will be doing it on my time, I’ll be creating the content when I want to. And so, that I consider a home based business. So, even though I’m hired by that company, but for the most part, yes, set up a plan, I’d say make sure you have that job, the initial income until you can learn from someone who’s done it, figure out set up that plan, get a mentor like Ryan or find someone in your community who’s done it to help you walk through the process. Like Ryan’s done this before, he set up a plan for him to get out of what he was doing before, and that’s really important. Because if you just kind of jump, you can make it, sometimes you can swim, but other times you’ll flail around for a bit and it’s not as fun, but if you set that plan up and you have the lifeboat ready to jump off your boat, and get in the lifeboat and keep going, that’s when you can really grasp on and enjoy building the business and not be scared to do it. So, I totally agree, you need to have a home based business or basically, you have to be working at home. The freedom to work wherever you want is what you need. So, you can have that true time freedom.


Ryan: Boom. Words of wisdom right there, bro.

Zach: Thanks, 100%.

Ryan: Yeah, of course, bro. Okay, before we let you go, there are a couple more things I want to talk about. So, the people listening, they’re either in a position where they really want to start a home based business, or they’re growing their own home based business right now, and they really care about having success in this space. So, what is the best advice that you can give to our listeners when it comes to building a successful home based business?


Zach: Few things. One, a lot of people fall into the mindset of the nine to five job where you clock out at 5pm. For home based business, if you want that true time freedom, I personally, you have to have a time where you clock out mentally, but you’re on the clock at all times. So, if somebody reaches out to you about your business at 9pm, I personally believe it’s your responsibility. If you really want to grow it, you need to be able to either respond or let them know you’ll answer them in the morning, whatever it is, because people I don’t know they want to do things at different times, and you want to catch them when they’re ready. So, that’s one big thing. You can’t turn it off. And it’s hard to turn off if you even want to, like going on vacation, I’m still thinking about business. But the fact is, I love it. So, it’s not a problem for me, I really enjoy it. The second thing that I can say for anyone wanting to have a successful home based business is work harder than you think you can, like you’re working pretty hard, and you’re like, wow, it felt like a good day. Work double that the next day, if you can get yourself to do that, and then realize how much time you have to do things and the fact that you probably took a few breaks because you’re at home. But if you can really get those in and get your mindset on it, you’ll have incredible growth. For me, I did that too myself, I was working, I felt man, I was doing pretty good. And then I’m like, I don’t know, I felt like I took a lot of breaks and whatnot. So, the next day I just really grinded. And instead of doing, I think I did 50 calls the first day, I ended up doing over 100 and I’m like, now that’s when you realize how much time you have in a day. Now, you may not be able to do that every single day, that’s like a full push. But if you can get that really double in effort as much as you possibly can, that’s when your business will really grow, keep that the momentum ball, I call it rolling. And if you can keep it rolling, keep going. And don’t stop. Even if you feel like it’s a really good time for you, keep pushing, because imagine if you keep that going fast, don’t slow down and let it slowly roll out, keep pushing and pushing and pushing till you get to where you want to be in your dreams.


Ryan: Boom. Yeah, there’s a statistic out there that says that a person that’s thinking that they’re doing 100% is actually only doing 40% effort of what is possible. So, our mind plays tricks on us. So, just push yourself to keep going. Alright, man, I’m a huge quote, guy, I believe the right quote at the right time can really transform our lives. So, what is a quote, maybe it could be your favorite quote of all, or it could be like a recent quote, but so what’s a quote, that’s really impacted your life that you want to leave with us?


Zach: Yeah, when I first started my home based business, in the beginning, when I got out of college, the quote that I put as my computer background was from Henry David, and it says, “success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”. But that just hit home because it kind of just says what I told you guys earlier that, work really hard. And if you’re not like, oh my gosh, where’s my success, and you’re just working hard and getting things done and moving and grooving, that’s when things actually start to roll. And that’s when you start feeling really good about yourself, when business starts rolling into you, and you start keep going and you feel happy and motivated, and it’s exciting.


Ryan: Dude, I love it. All right, bro. You should drop the mic. He killed it today. I love your story. Boom. So, for those that want to get in touch with Zach, what is the best way they could get in touch with your bro?


Zach: Best way to get in touch with me is going to be on my Instagram right now. I haven’t built that out as much as my Tik Tok platform. So, I see all the direct messages there and that would be Z Fitch 14 on Instagram. But if you want to go check out my TikTok content, I do answer every comment as much as I can, so I will answer those as well. But it’s a Zack Fitch on Tik Tok. I’ll be the first guy who pops up. 

Ryan: Boom. I barely crushed it. Keep killing on the Tik Tok world, man. 

Zach: We’ll do man. 

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